Conservatory of Music

Ralph Lalama


My philosophy is to make the learning experience for my students a meaningful one, by providing a real-world environment for his or her personal, artistic and educational growth. First, you must extrude from your individual talent everything you can — through constant practice and growing your listening skills — in order to propel yourself to the next level.

There is a considered demand for accountability in my teaching, be it private or ensemble, that not only will produce maturity in your playing, but serves to raise your awareness and appreciation of what it means to be a contributor to the greater musical community.

This is absolutely necessary if anyone hopes to succeed as an artist and/or professional. I expect no less of myself than I do my students, and this includes continually setting goals for improvement and artistic growth. There are real tools for accomplishing these aims that I employ every day and have successfully shared with my students.

The positive results are tangible in the quantum leaps they make as individuals and as members of an ensemble. My passion and respect for this music is fueled in part by my enthusiasm and commitment to share it with students who are as serious about learning as I am.