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Frederic Hand

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Baroque and on the Street - Sony Classical - Jazzantiqua - RCA and Musical Heritage Society Heart’s Song - Music Masters Solos - Willow Music

with: The Waverly Consort - Sony Classical Calliope - Summit Recordings - Gary Karr - Goldencrest Records - Artie Traum - Narada Acoustic Heart (compilation) - Shanachie - Abby Newton - Redwing Music - Soundtrack - Kramer vs. Kramer - Sony Classical

Press Quotes

  • “Mr. Hand produced a strikingly clean and penetrating tone. Making a strong impression with his musicianship on each instrument, he played unerringly, with all the verve and spirit that one could ask.” - The New York Times
  • “A brilliant master of the guitar.” - Milwaukee Sentinel
  • “Hand is an extraordinary player. His speed seems to have no limit. He plays with intelligence and finesse, and every aspect of the line and individual sound is lovingly shaped.” - Milwaukee Journal
  • “Classical guitar recitals don’t get much better than this. Frederic Hand is a tremendously skilled and expressive guitarist. But what makes him unique is that he is also one of today’s most fascinating composers, able to weave together a variety of influences, from jazz to Dowland to the avant-garde.” - Guitar Review
  • “Always fully in control and in sublime musical form...a brilliant performance.” - Het Laatste Nieuws, Brussels
  • “Guitarist’s Technique Dazzling” - (headline)
    “Hand’s technique is second to none. His technical prowess is dazzling and he possesses a strong lyrical sense achieved through a variety of tonal colors.” - Kansas City Star
  • “A stunning performance” - Providence Journal

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