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Dominic Donato

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Talujon Percussion Quartet

  • the music of Cage, Drummond, Reich, Talujon on Hum - Talujon CD001
  • the music of Harrison, Xenakis, Rzewski, Shapey, and Talujon on ...the speed of the passing time... Capstone CPS-8688
  • the music of Chien-Yin Chen on Tzadik

w/ The Composers Conference Ensemble

  • the music of Zhou Long on CRI

w/ Newband on Mode Records and Music & Arts

  • the music of Lasse Thoresen on Aurora
  • the music of Julia Wolfe on Point

w/ The Prism Players

  • the music of Eleanor Hovda on O.O. Discs
  • the music of Mathew Rosenblum on New World Records

w/ The ST-X Ensemble

  • the music of Iannis Xenakis on Vandenburg

w/ The Washington Square Chamber Music Society

  • the music of Louis Karchin on CRI
  • Other recordings on CRI, Newport Classics, New World, N/S Records, MMS, and Mode