Conservatory of Music


The Music Building
The Music Building is an outstanding facility for practice, rehearsal, recording, and classroom study. It offers a variety of large, acoustically isolated rehearsal and performance spaces, including a 198-seat Choral Hall and a 280-seat Recital Hall; 72 practice rooms and teaching studios; and digital recording studios, two fully equipped MIDI sequencing rooms, and two state-of-the-art hard-disk digital assembly studios.

The Performing Arts Center
One of the finest facilities on any East Coast college campus, the Performing Arts Center (PAC), is located adjacent to the Music Building and is available for the conservatory’s activities. The PAC has four professional performance spaces and one of the largest portable Flentrop tracker organs in the world.

The conservatory’s inventory of instruments includes:

  • Steinway B, D, L, and M performance pianos, plus approximately 102 other Steinway Grand pianos located in classrooms, studios, and practice rooms
  • Franco-Flemish double and two doubles by Eric Herz
  • Two fortepianos, a clavichord, two celestes
  • A vast collection of professional standard woodwinds, brasses, and strings
  • A complete authentic Baroque string quartet
  • Gambas, sackbuts, crumhorns, and recorders
  • An array of additional Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and exotic Indian instruments

Conservatory Recording Facilities