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The Playwriting and Screenwriting Program: Student Learning Outcomes

By the time they graduate, students will demonstrate expertise in:

  1. Critical Synthesis
    Students synthesize the critiques of others for revision of their own work.
  2. Communication and Collaboration
    • give constructive feedback to peers.
    • communicate skillfully and responsibly with mentors.
    • express themselves effectively in front of a group.
    • Where applicable, communication/collaboration extends to production processes in which students assign roles, participate at rehearsals or shoots, and emerge with a draft of theatre or film work.

  3. Creativity in Context
    • manifest a personal approach to the techniques of linear and nonlinear dramatic writing.
    • contextualize their own choices within or in reference to dramatic and/or cinematic literary history and theory.
    • acquire a deep understanding of dramatic structure and develop the ability through practice to communicate thought and theme within the dramatic storytelling form.

Updated Dec. 22, 2015

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