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The Theatre and Performance BA Program: Production Options

The theatre and performance BA program welcomes students with or without performing or production experience. All students are required to take THP 2895/Production Practicum, preferably in the freshman year, to obtain basic empirical experience in mounting and running a production. No other production experience is required of theatre and performance majors.

For those who seek it, however, there are a variety of other opportunities. Theatre and performance majors are eligible to audition for student- and faculty-directed productions, for which they may receive course credit. They may receive a maximum of 4 credits of independent study (with the approval of a theatre and performance faculty member) in playwriting, directing, or play production. Students may also produce extracurricular productions on or off campus. Qualified seniors may direct productions for senior projects. Students are encouraged, through courses, tutorials, and independent studies in playwriting and adaptation to create their own productions. With imagination, energy, and focus, the Humanities Theatre, a classroom, a meadow, an amphitheatre, or the Red Room can become the setting for fully realized theatrical presentations.

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