Conservatory of Music:
Studio composition 

The Studio Composition Program

Studio composition at Purchase College began in 1986, on the 100th anniversary of the first viable sound recording. Studio composition prepares talented and ambitious young writers in the craft of musical composition, especially in the recorded media.

Purchase College is home to one of the oldest, largest, and best collegiate programs in this musical area. The undergraduate and graduate writers in studio composition are all dedicated to the purpose of increasing musical beauty as they hear it.

The hallmarks of studio composition are:

  • hands-on studio experience
  • thorough training in conventional and unconventional music
  • small-group study with professional writers
  • a working community of artistic peers
  • a tradition of success in our alumni

In order to graduate, all studio composers write and produce two significant original projects (undergraduate) or two master’s recitals (graduate). These can be either recorded, reviewed in score form, or performed live. Many studio composition recitals feature multimedia collaboration with the other arts conservatories at Purchase College. Other recitals can occur at New York City clubs and concert venues, and in professional recording studios.

Studio composition at Purchase features a stellar faculty and graduate program, a finely-tuned curriculum, close associations with both a renowned classical conservatory and a vibrant jazz studies program, and a superior professional career location. It also functions closely with studio production, and collaborative accomplishment between these two programs is typical in classes, concerts, and recording sessions. But the best aspect about studio composition at Purchase College is what the students themselves have made of it—a friendly, artistic community whose excellent tradition produces hundreds of new musical compositions every year.