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Minor in Visual Arts

The minor in visual arts is designed to provide students in other disciplines with an understanding of visual arts processes, issues, and skills.

Prerequisite: 3 credits in visual arts studio courses and 4 credits in art history courses

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Visual Arts
A total of 19 credits (15 credits in visual arts studio courses and 4 credits in art history courses) are required, as follows:

  1. The prerequisites listed above: 7 credits
  2. Plus 12 additional credits in visual arts studio courses, chosen in consultation with the academic advisor in the School of Art+Design

A maximum of 4 transfer credits may be counted toward these academic requirements. All studio courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher to count toward the minor.

Applying for Admission to the Minor
An application and review process is required for admission to the minor in visual arts; acceptance is not automatic. To apply, students must have completed the prerequisite courses and must submit the following to the School of Art+Design main office (Visual Arts Building, second floor):

For more information, please refer to the Application for Minor Study. If you still have questions, please call the School of Art+Design, (914) 251-6750.

Updated June 23, 2016

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