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Junior Faculty Development Leave Award Recipients

2016–17 | 2015–16 | 2014–15 | 2013–14 | 2012–13 | 2011–12 | 2010–11
2009–10 | 2008–09 | 2007–08 | 2006–07 | 2005–06 | 2004–05 | 2003–04
2002–03 | 2001–02 | 2000–01 | 1999–2000 | 1998–99 | 1997–98 | 1996–97

Michael Bell-Smith, Film and Media Studies
Cédric Ceulemans, Natural and Social Sciences
Donna Cornachio, Humanities
Anthony Domestico, Humanities
Ager Gondra, Humanities
Yanine Hess, Natural and Social Sciences
Mark Jonas, Natural and Social Sciences
Shruti Rajagopalan, Natural and Social Sciences
Liza Steele, Natural and Social Sciences
Hakan Topol, Film and Media Studies and Art+Design

Marc Brudzinski, Humanities
Stephen Flusberg, Natural and Social Sciences
Elizabeth Middleton, Natural and Social Sciences
Gaura Narayan, Humanities
Lorraine Plourde, Film and Media Studies
Nelly van Bommel, Dance

John Lehr, Art+Design
Susan Letcher, Natural and Social Sciences
Cynthia Lin, Art+Design
Jordan Schildcrout, Theatre Arts
Alexis Silver, Natural and Social Sciences

Meagan Curtis, Natural and Social Sciences
Stella Ebner, Art+Design
Paula Halperin, Humanities
Christopher Robbins, Art+Design
Andrew Salomon, Humanities
Mary Alice Williams, Humanities

Genevieve Hyacinthe, Humanities
Julian Kreimer, Art+Design
Joseph McKay, Film and Media Studies
Jason Pine, Film and Media Studies
Diana Reinhard, Humanities

Matthew Immergut, Natural & Social Sciences
Kristen Sundberg Lunstrum, Humanities
Veronica Perera, Natural & Social Sciences
Ryan Taylor, Natural & Social Sciences

Ahmed Afzal, Natural & Social Sciences
Agustin Zarzosa, Humanities

Laura Chmielewski, Humanities
David Gluck, Music
Shaka McGlotten, Natural & Social Sciences
Sarah Warren, Humanities

Anne Kern, Humanities
Mary Kosut, Natural & Social Sciences
Karima Robinson, Humanities
Carolina Sanin, Humanities
Kathleen Tolan, Theatre Arts & Film
Nancy Zook, Natural & Social Sciences

Monica Ferrell, Humanities
Tara George, Humanities
Anthony Lemieux, Natural & Social Sciences
Eng-Beng Lim, Humanities

Tracy Fitzpatrick, Humanities
Michael Lobel, Humanities
Brooke Singer, Natural & Social Sciences
Jennifer Uleman, Humanities
Greg Lock, Art+Design
Aviva Taubenfeld, Humanities

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Dana-Ain Davis, Natural & Social Sciences
Ted Piltzecker, Music
Michelle Stewart, Humanities

Nancy Bowen, Art+Design
Mamadi Matlhako, Natural & Social Sciences

Fiona McNeill, Humanities
Rudolf Gaudio, Natural & Social Sciences

Lori Kendall, Natural & Social Sciences
Karen Singer-Freeman, Natural & Social Sciences

Cassandra Hooper, Art+Design
Alwell Nwankwoala, Natural & Social Sciences

Lisa Keller, Humanities
George Kraemer, Natural & Social Sciences

Joanne Tillotson, Natural & Social Sciences

Deborah Amory, Natural & Social Sciences
Charles Ponce de Leon, Humanities

Karen Baird, Natural & Social Sciences
James Daly, Natural & Social Sciences

Iris Cahn, Theatre Arts & Film
Elizabeth Guffey, Humanities

Updated Jan. 18, 2016

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