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Physical Education Courses

Lifeguard Training
PED 1000
/ 2 credits / Fall
Develops aquatic skills and basic knowledge of safety and accident prevention in the aquatic environment. Skills include preventive lifeguarding, emergency action planning, aquatic facility management, and preparation of records and reports. Qualified students receive Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certification.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

PED 1010
/ 2 credits / Every semester
An introduction to the basic disciplines of hatha yoga, focusing on body awareness, appropriate body warmups, beginning yoga postures and breathing (pranayama), and relaxation skills. Upon successful completion, students understand and are able to demonstrate the basic components of yoga practice (sadhana), including safe, stable body alignment and at least 21 classical yoga postures.

Yoga Tools for Relaxation and Peace
PED 1017
/ 2 credits / Every semester
In this gentle yoga course, students learn methods of caring for their physical, mental, and emotional bodies: Pranayama, breath control, classical posture and alignment, subtle mudras that transform energy to higher levels for equilibrium and healing, and a variety of relaxation experiences. Yoga Nidra (the “sleep of the yogis”) leads to deep relaxation and heightened consciousness. Recommended for all students, including those who may have physical challenges as well as the most serious athletes.

PED 1020
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Designed for the novice who has never fenced, this course explores the various techniques of combat with a foil. Instruction includes the use of the foil as a weapon, with emphasis on various forms of offensive and defensive strategies; the history of fencing; bouting rules and procedures; conditioning; and fencing in bouts.

Fencing II
PED 1025
/ 2 credits / Spring
Focuses on the application of the fundamental principles used in fencing bouts, with emphasis on tactics and strategies. More detailed actions are examined while refining the basics learned in PED 1020 and 1035. Students also learn advanced techniques, such as the glissade, the gain, intercepting and yielding parries, and time actions. During the fencing bouts, students learn how controlling the blade, distance, and time ensures success.
Prerequisite: PED 1020 or 1035

Sabre Fencing
PED 1035
/ 2 credits / Spring
An introductory class in classical Italian sabre fencing, focusing on sabre fundamentals: the guard, the lunge, basic footwork, attacks, defenses, and sabre technique. Toward the end of the class, students participate in sabre fencing bouts and learn sabre strategy.

PED 1040
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Emphasizes both swimming and aquatic survival skills. The course includes personal safety in the aquatic environment, basic swimming strokes, use of safety and rescue equipment, survival swimming skills, rescue breathing and basic care for an airway obstruction, entries into the water, and aquatic fitness for life.

Rock Climbing
PED 1070
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Students learn climbing, belaying, and rapelling techniques. Other skills include face climbing, layback, body jams, chimneying, and mantling. Top-rope climbing is included for safety. All equipment is provided.

PED 1090
/ 1 credit / Spring
Students learn advanced volleyball skills, such as set up, blocking, passing, spiking, overhead serve, digging, basic strategy, and court technique. Playing the game is emphasized as much as possible.

Outdoor Skills (Weekends)
PED 1105 / 2 credits / Every semester
Students choose two overnight weekends in outdoor activity areas like downhill skiing, canoeing, camping, caving, rock climbing, and backpacking. Includes instruction in the various skill areas, plus wilderness first aid, camping equipment and camp setup, and survival skills.

PED 1110
/ 1 credit / Spring
An introduction to the sport of racquetball. Skills include use of the racquet; grips, serve, and basic shots; singles and doubles strategy; shot selection; and court technique.

PED 1120
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Covers the various aspects of both skin and scuba diving and prepares students for PADI certification, including getting ready for the deep dive requirement. Upon completion of the course, students can make arrangements for the deep dive and PADI certification with the instructor.
Prerequisite: Ability to swim 200 yards without stopping and tread water for 10 minutes; must be medically fit for scuba diving.

Water Safety Instructor
PED 1200
/ 3 credits / Fall
American Red Cross fundamentals of instructor training and water safety instructor skills. Students must pay a $175 fee to the Red Cross for additional books and administrative fees and attend one six-week session of the Community Learn to Swim program.
Note: Students are required to teach 18 hours per semester in the Community Learn to Swim program and complete written lesson plans for each lesson taught. The teaching must be done during Wednesday or Thursday, 3:30–5:15 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m.–noon, or Sunday, 10 a.m.–noon.
Prerequisite: Ability to swim at an American Red Cross Level 4 or better

PED 1240
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Basic skills and fundamentals of tennis, including grips, forehand, backhand, the serve, basic shots, singles and doubles play, court techniques, and game strategy. Match play is emphasized.

Personal Defense
PED 1310
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Basics of personal defense for men and women are taught: conditioning, attitude, and techniques for everyone. Realize “It could happen to you,” and learn what to do against grabs, chokes, shoves, locks, hugs, punches, and more. Women, enforce your NO! Material taken from American Kenpo, Judo, and Hapkido.

Tae Kwon Do
PED 1335
/ 2 credits / Every semester
An introduction to the art and science of the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do. This traditional six-part class consists of warm-ups, basic techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks), poomse (a precise pattern of techniques), one-step prearranged sparring, no-contact free spar, and cool downs. The history and philosophy of Tae Kwon Do, physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy are also addressed. Students must purchase and wear a dobak (uniform).

PED 1370
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Designed to teach students the rules and skills of the sport of golf. Topics include the history of the sport; safety, grips, swing, and stance; use of irons and woods; and putting. Students are given the opportunity to apply their skills and play on local golf courses.

Latin and International Dance
PED 1435
/ 2 credits / Spring
Students learn a vast array of dance fundamentals as well as communication and cooperation skills used to lead and follow in a dance. Styles include salsa, merengue, bachata, tango, and swing. World dance styles are compared and contrasted while increasing stamina and fitness levels. Students also explore the history of the international music and dance styles that are used during class.

Nutrition for Enhanced Performance
PED 1440
/ 2 credits/ Every semester A practical, introductory course on the elements of good nutrition and how they affect performance in sports, dance, and everyday life. Practical applications and self-assessment help students apply concepts to their daily life. Important nutrition issues are emphasized (e.g., food choices, healthy body weight and weight management, alternative diets, fluid intake, and strategies to enhance human performance through sound nutrition practices).

Zumba Dance Fitness
PED 1445
/ 2 credits / Spring
Zumba is a dance-fitness program based on international rhythms, featuring interval training to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. Students monitor the effects of dance and toning through periodic weigh-ins and taking of body measurements. The history of the world music and dance styles that are used during class is also explored.

Fitness Through Dance: Jazz
PED 1455
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Emphasizes the development of body strength, flexibility, poise, and cardiovascular fitness through jazz-based dance. Students assess their fitness levels at both the beginning and end of the course to note their progress.

Kayaking Skills
PED 1460
/ 1 credit / Alternate years (Spring)
Offers basic skills and fundamentals in kayaking, including basic strokes, maneuvering strokes, kayaking rolls, rescue techniques, bracing skills, handling a kayak, and selecting equipment. Practical experience is acquired through skill drills, timed obstacle courses, and kayak water polo.

Circus Skills
PED 1470
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Students are introduced to a range of circus skills (e.g., juggling, unicycling, trapeze, sky pole, rolla bolla, stilt walking, gym wheel), which may vary depending on physical ability and experience of the class. At the end of the course, students select one or two skills to perform as a required final project.

PED 1480
/ 2 credits / Fall
Training in the skills needed to respond appropriately to breathing and cardiac emergencies for all age levels, including the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) to care for a victim of cardiac arrest. The first aid component provides the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life and minimize the consequences of injury and sudden illness. Students who successfully complete the three course components will receive Red Cross Certification in CPR/AED and RTE (Responding to Emergencies).

Target Archery
PED 1510
/ 1 credit / Fall
Students are introduced to the basic skills of archery, including selection of equipment, stringing, stance, grip, drawing the arrow, aiming, shooting, and error analysis, and are exposed to target and tournament archery.

Fitness and Weight Training
PED 1520
/ 2 credits / Every semester
The effects of weight training on the human body. The course combines both lecture and physical activity and includes fitness evaluations, weight training safety, basic weight training programs, weight training for women, aerobic training, and proper lifting techniques. Reading is required to gain the knowledge needed to develop individual training programs.

Aerobic Fitness and Weight Management
PED 1525
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Tone up, slim down, and improve your cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness with aerobic routines and healthy eating habits. Students work toward individualized fitness and weight goals under the guidance of the instructor and learn to identify and change unhealthy eating habits. Techniques for managing weight and stress associated with eating problems are also covered. A textbook and lectures supplement the aerobic exercise program.

Aerobic Conditioning
PED 1605
/ 1 credit / Spring
Designed for students who are interested in improving their total fitness via aerobic-based conditioning. This course seeks to improve each student’s level of cardiovascular fitness and involves a variety of aerobic activities. Students are given opportunities to design and practice their own routines and programs. Proper stretching techniques, basic conditioning principles, and fitness assessments are also included.

Personal Health and Wellness
PED 1640
/ 2 credits / Every semester
An introduction to health and wellness concepts for the college student’s lifestyle. All of the dimensions of wellness are embodied in a behavioral change project designed for each student. Topics include physical health, sexual health, stress management, drug and alcohol use, healthy relationships, and healthy eating strategies.

Wellness Strategies
PED 1645
/ 2 credits / Spring
Through readings, lectures, and discussions, students explore a personal wellness vision, identify behaviors to change in their lives, and discover an integral “why” for behavior change. Students also set cognitive and behavioral goals; identify obstacles, strategies, and solutions; and move through stages of change at their own pace with instructor’s guidance and facilitation. This course follows the American College of Sports Medicine wellness-coaching guidelines.

Middle Eastern Belly Dancing
PED 1650
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Students learn the fundamentals of belly dancing (e.g., hip circles, undulations, shimmies) and progress to layering of movements. Familiarity with Arabic rhythms, cultural knowledge as it pertains to this dance form, finger cymbals, veil work, and choreography are covered. The natural movements of belly dancing, which improve flexibility, endurance, and coordination, are appropriate for all fitness levels.

Original Pilates Mat Workout
PED 1700
/ 2 credits / Every semester
In this full-semester course, students learn about the history and development of the Pilates body conditioning method, as well as basic Pilates mat exercise workout routines. Topics include the six major principles of the Pilates body conditioning method, the five characteristics of the mind, and the “Powerhouse” and core stabilization development and its importance in physical conditioning. Students apply these concepts in their workouts.

Backyard Sports and Games
PED 1725
/ 1 credit / Fall
Combines lectures and physical activity in which students learn the history behind the sport or game and have the opportunity to physically experience playing it. Topics include the importance of play in people’s lives and the evolution and development of early and modern-day sports and games

Women’s Self-Defense with Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
GND 2035
Refer to Gender Studies Courses (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences) for description.

Varsity Sports Participation
PED 2880
/ 1 credit / Every semester
Students earn this physical education credit by participating on a varsity athletic team.
Requirements: Academic and medical eligibility, and participation in practices and athletic contests for the duration of the athletic season.

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