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BA in Liberal Studies

This interdisciplinary major helps students to develop an appreciation of the questions, issues, and perspectives underlying the liberal arts, to integrate knowledge across disciplines, and to be able to apply academic learning to life pursuits. Coursework is required in a variety of areas and includes a cross-section of the humanities (e.g., history, philosophy, writing), social sciences (e.g., anthropology, economics, sociology), natural sciences (e.g., math, biology, psychology), and the arts (e.g., art history, studio art, music). The flexibility of the liberal studies degree allows students to choose advanced courses that best suit their needs and interests. This major is also offered at the extension site at Rockland Community College.

Academic Requirements
While fulfilling general degree requirements, students must complete the following requirements for this major:

1. Humanities courses 15 credits
2. Natural sciences courses 15 credits
3. Social sciences courses 15 credits
4. Performing and/or visual arts courses 6 credits
5. Upper-level liberal arts courses:
a. First area*
b. Second area*
*Areas: Humanities, natural sciences, social sciences; the first and second areas must be distinct
12 credits
8 credits
6. General electives  45 credits
7. CAP 4800/Senior Capstone  4 credits
  TOTAL: 120 credits

Please refer to the Overview of Academic Requirements for additional information.

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