BA Major in Liberal Studies: Communications/Media Studies

This major helps students to gain a greater understanding of the role of media in today’s global society. Courses cover historical, sociological, and psychological analyses of media, including film, television, print, and emerging technologies. This major is also offered at the Rockland Community College extension site.

Academic Requirements
In addition to fulfilling general degree requirements and the Senior Capstone course (AHU 4800 or CSS 4800), students must complete the following requirements for this major:

1. Humanities courses 15 credits
2. Natural sciences courses, including
CSS/BPS 3369/Advanced Psychology of Communication
15 credits
3. Social sciences courses, including one of the following:
CSO 1540/Introduction to Mass Media and
Communications or
MSA 1050/Introduction to Media Studies or
JOU 1500/Introduction to Media
15 credits
4. Performing and/or visual arts courses 6 credits
5. Upper-level courses:
a. Social sciences courses, including two survey
    courses on the history or sociology of film or
    other mass media
b. All in humanities courses or
    all in natural sciences courses
12 credits
8 credits
6. Communications/media studies electives 15 credits
7. General electives
(may include up to 30 non-liberal arts credits)

34 credits
  TOTAL: 120 credits

Please refer to the Overview of Academic Requirements for additional information.

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