BA Major in Liberal Studies: Arts

This major combines the liberal arts with the visual and performing arts, allowing students to explore their talents and interests in art history, music, film, or other studio arts while studying with accomplished faculty. Within the framework of the liberal studies program, students can choose from a variety of history, production, and studio courses.

Academic Requirements
In addition to fulfilling general degree requirements and the Senior Capstone course (AHU 4800 or CSS 4800), students must complete the following requirements for this major:

1. Humanities courses 12 credits
2. Natural sciences courses 12 credits
3. Social sciences courses 12 credits
4. Performing and/or visual arts courses:
a. Two performance/production/studio arts courses
b. Two art/dance/music/theatre/film history/theory courses
c. Additional credits in either of the above two categories
24 credits
5. Upper-level courses:
a. Performing and/or visual arts courses
b. Liberal arts courses

6 credits
12 credits
6. Liberal arts electives 10 credits
7. General electives
(may include up to 30 non-liberal arts credits)

32 credits
TOTAL: 120 credits

Please refer to the Overview of Academic Requirements for additional information.

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