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The Environmental Studies BA Program

Making a Difference: The Natural World and Human Society
Environmental scientists understand the scope and severity of the problems facing human society. We also now recognize the importance of considering people’s beliefs and preferences in the search for solutions to preserve the natural systems on which all life relies.

The environmental studies BA program at Purchase College reflects this new, interdisciplinary focus on the interactions among the sociopolitical, economic, and ecological systems where the natural world and human society overlap. This new approach offers challenges and opportunities for those motivated to help improve the health of our environment and the quality of human existence.

The program culminates in the senior project—a research project undertaken in collaboration with a faculty member. Senior research projects vary widely in topic and method, but all incorporate a common theme: environmental impacts cannot be addressed without consideration of human society.

Environmental Studies Faculty (Board of Study)
George Kraemer, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Susan Letcher, PhD, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Ryan Taylor, PhD, Oregon State University
James Utter, PhD, Rutgers University (Emeritus)
David Yozzo, PhD, University of Virginia

Research Faculty:
Joel Tenenbaum, PhD, Harvard University

For additional information:
School of Natural and Social Sciences Faculty

Contributing Faculty:
Sanford Ikeda (Economics)
Matthew Immergut (Sociology)
Connie Lobur (Political Science)
Maryann McEnroe (Biology)
Keith Landa
School of Humanities:
Casey Haskins (Philosophy)

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