Minor in Chemistry

Students who are interested in the minor in chemistry must submit a completed Application for a Program of Minor Study (available at www.purchase.edu/registrar, under “Forms”) to the coordinator of the Chemistry Board of Study.

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Chemistry
Five courses, as follows:

  1. CHE 1550/General Chemistry I
  2. CHE 1551/General Chemistry I Lab
  3. CHE 1560/General Chemistry II
  4. CHE 1561/General Chemistry II Lab
  5. And three courses to be chosen from the following list:
    CHE 3150/Chemical Instrumentation and Analytical Methods
    CHE 3310 and 3311/Organic Chemistry I and Lab
    CHE 3320 and 3321/Organic Chemistry II and Lab
    CHE 3510/Physical Chemistry I
    CHE 3520/Physical Chemistry II
    CHE 4610/Biochemistry
    CHE 3740/Medicinal Chemistry
    CHE 4800/Special Topics in Chemistry

Many biology majors at Purchase automatically qualify for the minor in chemistry. For additional information, refer to Chemistry Minor for Biology Majors.

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