The Chemistry BA Program: Academic Requirements and Concentrations

To declare chemistry as a major, students are required to have passed General Chemistry I and II (or the equivalent courses for transfer students) with grades of C or higher. Other courses required for the chemistry major, including support courses but excluding the senior project, must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all chemistry majors must complete the following requirements:

Chemistry Courses (47 credits)
A minimum cumulative 2.0 (C) GPA is required in all chemistry courses, excluding the senior project:

  1. CHE 1550/General Chemistry I: 4 credits
  2. CHE 1551/General Chemistry I Lab: 1 credit
  3. CHE 1560/General Chemistry II: 4 credits
  4. CHE 1561/General Chemistry II Lab: 1 credit
  5. CHE 3150/Chemical Instrumentation and Analytical Methods: 5 credits
  6. CHE 3310/Organic Chemistry I: 4 credits
  7. CHE 3311/Organic Chemistry I Lab: 1 credit
  8. CHE 3320/Organic Chemistry II: 4 credits
  9. CHE 3321/Organic Chemistry II Lab: 1 credit
  10. CHE 3510/Physical Chemistry I: 4 credits
  11. CHE 3510.01/Physical Chemistry I Lab: 2 credits
  12. A minimum of 4 credits of advanced chemistry electives, chosen from the following list:
    CHE 3520/Physical Chemistry II: 4 credits
    CHE 3740/Medicinal Chemistry: 3 credits
    CHE 3900/Independent Study: 1–3 credits
    CHE 4600/Bioorganic Mechanisms: 4 credits
    CHE 4610/Biochemistry: 4 credits
    CHE 4611/Biochemistry Lab: 2 credits
    CHE 4800/Special Topics in Chemistry: 3 credits
    CHE 4900/Independent Study: 1–3 credits
  13. CHE 3890/Chemistry Junior Seminar: 2 credits
  14. CHE 4880/Chemistry Senior Seminar I: 1 credit
  15. CHE 4890/Chemistry Senior Seminar II: 1 credit
  16. CHE 4990/Senior Project (two semesters): 8 credits

Support Courses (18 credits)

  1. MAT 1500/Calculus I: 4 credits
  2. MAT 1510/Calculus II: 4 credits
  3. PHY 1510/Introductory Physics I: 4 credits
  4. PHY 1511/Introductory Physics I Lab: 1 credit
  5. PHY 1520/Introductory Physics II: 4 credits
  6. PHY 1521/Introductory Physics II Lab: 1 credit

Biochemistry Concentration
Chemistry majors who choose this concentration conduct their senior project in the general subject area of biochemistry. The following courses are to be taken in addition to those required for the major:

  1. BIO 1550/General Biology I
  2. BIO 1551/General Biology I Lab
  3. BIO 1560/General Biology II
  4. BIO 1561/General Biology I Lab
  5. CHE 4610/Biochemistry
  6. CHE 4611/Biochemistry Lab
  7. And one course from the following list:
    BIO 3360/Microbiology
    BIO 3530/Cell Biology
    BIO 4620/Molecular Biology

Chemistry Education
The chemistry program has a variety of chemistry and related courses tailored to prepare students who are interested in pursuing careers as high school chemistry teachers. Upon completion, the courses allow students to proceed for a “one year” master’s degree in education at one of the SUNY/CUNY campuses and subsequent certification.

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