The Biochemistry BA Program

The interplay between biology, chemistry, and even mathematics has rapidly changed the field of biomedical research over the past 25 years. Students entering this field need to have an in-depth interdisciplinary background that includes advanced courses and research experience in both chemistry and biology. The curriculum in the biochemistry major provides a solid foundation for students who plan to continue their study in biochemistry, biomedical sciences, or pharmaceutical science. Rapid advances in the biomedical field in recent years have created a great demand for a work force that is well trained in the interdisciplinary area of biochemistry. Students completing the biochemistry major are also well prepared for employment in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other biomedical areas. The biochemistry major also prepares students for medicine, dentistry, and other allied health professions.

Biochemistry Faculty (Board of Study)
Taina Chao, PhD, Texas A&M University (Emerita)
Stephen A. Cooke, PhD, University of Exeter (England)
Heidi L. Fraser, PhD, Dartmouth College
Elizabeth Rose Middleton, PhD, Yale University
Joseph Skrivanek, PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Contributing Faculty:
Elysse Craddock: Biology
James G. Daly: Biology
Lee Ehrman: Biology

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