The Biochemistry Program: Courses

Required and elective courses in biology and chemistry:
For courses with a BIO prefix, refer to Biology Courses.
For courses with a CHE prefix, refer to Chemistry Courses.

Independent Study and Tutorial
BCM 1900
and 3900 (Tutorial)
BCM 2900 and 4900 (Independent Study)
1–3 credits / Every semester
Students with special interests may study independently under the sponsorship of a faculty member in the board of study. Independent study in general subjects is permitted if the board of study offers no formal course covering the material. Independent study may not be substituted for any specific requirement.

Biochemistry Junior Seminar
BCM 3880
/ 2 credits / Spring
Students complete a senior research proposal, which is submitted to the biochemistry faculty for review and approval. Students also attend research seminars presented by faculty and guest speakers. Required for juniors majoring in biochemistry.
Prerequisite: Junior standing

Biochemistry Internship
BCM 3980
/ 1–3 credits / Every semester
Opportunities to work as apprentices in research labs at other institutions (industrial or academic) can be arranged in an area of scientific or career interest.

Bioorganic Mechanisms
BCM 4600
Refer to CHE 4600 in Chemistry Courses for description.

Biochemistry Senior Seminar I and II
BCM 4880
and 4890 / 1 credit (per semester) / I: Fall; II: Spring
Faculty, visiting scientists, and seniors in biochemistry present results of current research projects. Students are graded on the basis of oral presentations of senior project results made to the faculty and their peers.
Corequisite: BCM 4990

Biochemistry Learning Assistant
BCM 4899
/ 1–2 credits / Every semester
Students who have received a grade of B+ or higher in the relevant course are eligible for BCM 4899. Assignments may include tutoring students or assisting faculty in labs. This assistantship is recommended for students anticipating graduate school. Four credits in BCM 4899 may be applied toward the minimum required for graduation.

Biochemistry Senior Project
BCM 4990
/ 4 credits (per semester) / Every semester
Two-semester independent study (8 credits total) leading to a baccalaureate thesis. The student defines and conducts an independent lab project. The work is conducted in the lab of a biochemistry faculty member.
Prerequisite: BCM 3880
Corequisite: BCM 4880 (Fall) and 4890 (Spring)

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