The Latin American Studies BA Program:
Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all Latin American studies majors must complete the following requirements (41 credits):

  • LST/HIS 1600/Introduction to Latin American Studies: 3 credits
  • Foreign language and electives: 22 credits
    To achieve the required proficiency (equivalent to five semesters of Spanish or French), up to 16 credits of foreign language may be required. Students who achieve proficiency with less than 16 credits of foreign language may substitute electives. At least 14 of the 22 credits must be upper level.
  • One of the following methods courses: 4 credits
    SOC 3405/Research Methods
    ANT 3560/Fieldwork: Qualitative Methods
    HIS 3880/Junior History Seminar
    Or a designated upper-level course in the humanities or the arts that provides senior project preparation, to be chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor
  • Experiential learning—one of the following: 4 credits
    LST 3050/Experiential Learning in Latin American Studies
    LST 3980/Internship in Latin American Studies
    Or an approved study-abroad program
  • LST 4990/Senior Project: 8 credits

Examples of Electives
When a course number has two or more prefixes (e.g., POL and LST 2230), students majoring in Latin American studies should register under the LST prefix.

Anthropology (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
ANT/LST 2330/New Immigrants in the United States
ANT/MSA/ARH 2470/Museum Anthropology
ANT/MSA 3185/Global Media, Local Cultures

Art History (School of Humanities):
ARH/LST 3335/Latin American Art in the Age of Globalization
ARH/LST 3815/Mexican Art From the Revolution to the NAFTA Era
ARH/LST 4590/Pre-Columbian Aesthetics in Modern Latin American Art
ARH 4775/Performance Art in the West African Diaspora

Cinema Studies (School of Film and Media Studies):
CIN/LST 3000/Cinema and Revolution
CIN/SPA/LST 3080/Mexican Cinema
CIN/SPA/LST 3245/Latin American Cinema

Economics (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
ECO/LST 2223/Economies of Latin America

Environmental Studies (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
ENV/LST 3420/Tropical Ecosystems

History (School of Humanities):
HIS/LST 2005/Modern Latin America
HIS/LST 2170/Colonial Latin America
HIS/LST 2540/Society and Culture in Modern Brazil
HIS/LST 3005/Representations of Latinos and Latinas in American Film,
HIS/LST 3125/Latinos and Cities in the Americas
HIS/LST 3395/Nation and Revolution in Latin America
HIS/LST 3625/Slaves and Enslavement in the Americas
HIS/GND/LST 3685/Sex and Gender in Latin America

Language and Culture (Latin American Literature; School of Humanities):

French Language and Culture:
FRE/LIT/LST 3067/French Caribbean Literature
Spanish Language and Culture:
SPA/CIN/LIT/LST 3211/Spanish and Latin American Cinema
SPA/LST 3270/Literature and Memory in Argentina
SPA/LST 3630/The Modern Latin American Novel*
SPA/LIT 3685/LST 3686/Modern Novel of Latin America
SPA/LST 3700/The Latin American Short Story*
*Taught in Spanish

Music (Conservatory of Music):
SOA 2580/World Music and Jazz Traditions

Political Science (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
POL/LST 2230/The Dominican Republic: Between Latin America and
   the U.S.
POL/LST 3130/Immigration: Policies, Problems, and Politics
POL/LST 3300/Development and Politics of Latin America
POL 3307/Politics and Memoir
POL/LST 3340/U.S./Latin American Relations
POL/LST 3361/Cuba, Latin America, and the U.S.
POL/LST 3390/Democratization: Latin America
POL/LST 3570/Human Rights
POL/SOC 3665/Immigration Debated: A Seminar

Sociology (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
SOC/LST 1030/Cultural Activism in Latin America
SOC 2140/Race and Ethnicity
SOC/LST 2750/Social Activism, Memory, and Human Rights in Argentina
SOC/LST 3056/Global Social Movements
SOC/LST 3255/Global Populations, Local Problems
SOC 3660/International Migration Today
SOC/LST 3725/Globalization, Culture, Social Change: Latin America

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