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The Gender Studies BA Program

The gender studies program, which offers a major leading to the BA as well as a minor, examines gender using an interdisciplinary approach. Consisting of a variety of courses drawn from across the college, the program offers students the opportunity to study gender in a variety of historical periods and geographical areas using different academic, political, and feminist perspectives. The program equips students with reading, writing, research, and analytical skills that enable them to:

Gender Studies Faculty (Board of Study)

School of Film and Media Studies:
Shaka McGlotten, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
Michelle Stewart, PhD, University of Minnesota

School of Humanities:
Christian Bailey, PhD, Yale University
Laura Chmielewski, PhD, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Anthony Paul Domestico, Yale University
Paula Halperin, PhD, University of Maryland
Morris Kaplan, JD, Yale University
Lisa Keller, PhD, Cambridge University
Jane Kromm, PhD, Emory University
Elise V. Lemire, PhD, Rutgers University
Gaura Narayan, PhD, Columbia University
Diana Reinhard, PhD, Temple University
Jennifer K. Uleman, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

School of Natural and Social Sciences:
Shemeem Burney Abbas, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
Karen Baird, PhD, University of Houston
Suzanne Kessler, PhD, City University of New York
Mary Kosut, PhD, New School for Social Research
Wendy McKenna, PhD, City University of New York
Lisa Jean Moore, PhD, University of California, San Francisco

Conservatory of Theatre Arts:
Lenora Champagne, PhD, New York University
Jordan Schildcrout, PhD, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Contributing Faculty:
School of Humanities:
Tracy Fitzpatrick (Art History)
School of Natural and Social Sciences:
Rudolph Gaudio (Anthropology)
Chrys Ingraham (Sociology)
Connie Lobur (Political Science)

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