The Philosophy BA Program

The philosophy faculty at Purchase College represents the variety of styles and fields of inquiry that characterize philosophy today. The core of the philosophy program is the history of thought from ancient Greece to the modern world. The program is designed to meet the interests of students in several categories:

  • Those who seek the most comprehensive and rigorous preparation for careers that demand articulate intellectual flexibility and discipline (e.g., law, medicine, government, business, education, and journalism)

  • Those who wish to pursue a professional career in philosophy and who plan to do postgraduate work in the field

  • Those who want, regardless of career objective, a liberal arts education and need a discipline to make sense of the welter of elective possibilities

  • Those who need an intellectually comprehensive complement to intensive work in another major

Because of the art-related nature of many programs at Purchase College, the philosophy program also offers courses for arts students and others who wish to investigate the foundation of the arts. Coursework in philosophy frequently includes small seminars and intensive writing. Students may pursue topics of special interest through tutorials and directed independent studies.

Philosophy Faculty (Board of Study)
Frank B. Farrell, PhD, Yale University
Casey Haskins, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Morris B. Kaplan, JD, Yale University
Jared Russell, MA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
Jennifer K. Uleman, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

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