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The Language and Culture Program: Hebrew Courses

Beginning Hebrew I
HEB 1010
/ 4 credits / Fall
For beginning students and those with rudimentary training in Hebrew. The course stresses reading, writing, and speaking by involving students in situations that concretely express the concepts of the language.

Beginning Hebrew II
HEB 1020
/ 4 credits / Spring
A continuation of HEB 1010. Students increase their fluency and confidence in comprehension through discussions of simple stories and increased grammar drill. Situations are presented and discussed in Hebrew.
Prerequisite: HEB 1010 or equivalent

Intermediate Hebrew I
HEB 2110
/ 4 credits / Special topic (offered irregularly)
Readings of adapted short stories and essays stimulate class discussion in Hebrew and provide the context for increased vocabulary and written drills. Attention is given to grammar and style.
Prerequisite: HEB 1020 or equivalent

Conversational Hebrew: Ulpan Style
HEB 3150
/ 4 credits / Special topic (offered irregularly)
A conversational Hebrew course that allows students to acquire fluency in spoken Hebrew. Reading, writing, grammar, syntax, and conversation in modern Hebrew are emphasized.

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