The History BA Program

The goal of the history major at Purchase College is to provide students with the intellectual foundation of a liberal arts education that is suitable for a wide variety of professions, including law, education, government, business, journalism, and public relations. The history curriculum seeks to foster the development of a historical perspective on the forces and processes that have shaped and continue to shape our communities, our country, and the world at large.

In keeping with the cultural resources of our area and the special profile of Purchase, the history program has generally, though not exclusively, emphasized the social, intellectual, and cultural dimensions of the historical discipline.

  • Students may define their area of interest within the major in terms of nine broadly conceived areas.
  • When appropriate, students may also pursue topics of special interest through tutorials and directed independent studies, which may be arranged with individual instructors.
  • Coursework in the history program includes intensive writing and an emphasis on primary source material, which can range from government documents to diaries, novels, and films.

History Faculty (Board of Study)
Laura M. Chmielewski, PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center
Geoffrey Field, PhD, Columbia University
Rachel Hallote, PhD, University of Chicago
Paula Halperin, PhD, University of Maryland
Lisa Keller, PhD, Cambridge University
Diana Reinhard, PhD, Temple University
Wayne te Brake, PhD, University of Michigan
Renqiu Yu, PhD, New York University

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