The Art History MA Program

The MA program in modern and contemporary art, criticism, and theory offers a unique and interdisciplinary program for students who wish to study modern and contemporary art in the context of a critical and visual studies approach.

The program provides an intensive study of contemporary critical and theoretical issues surrounding 20th- and 21st-century artistic practices. During weekly first-year colloquia, students are also introduced to the work of some of the most prominent critics, artists, and historians in the field today. Many courses are supplemented by field trips to museums and art galleries in New York City, just 20 miles south of the Purchase campus. The college’s Neuberger Museum of Art is also a major resource.

The MA/MFA Option
For students who qualify for acceptance in both programs, the MA program in art history may be taken in conjunction with the MFA program in visual arts, offered by the School of Art+Design at Purchase College. Prospective graduate students must apply separately for admission to each program.

This is a three-year course of study. For more detailed information, please refer to the MA/MFA option in the School of Art+Design section of this catalog.

Art History Faculty (Board of Study)
Please refer to the BA Program for a list of the art history faculty.

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