The Art History MA Program: Academic Requirements

Requirements for the graduate major in art history include eight courses (32 credits), proficiency in one foreign language, and an 8-credit thesis. A minimum 3.0 (B) cumulative GPA must be earned at Purchase College.

Required Courses:

  1. ARH 5101/Proseminar: Method and Theory in Art History
  2. ARH 5325/Master’s Colloquium I
  3. ARH 5326/Master’s Colloquium II
  4. ARH 5—/One course dealing with art from the period 1900–1950
  5. Four elective courses in art history
  6. ARH 5990/Master’s Thesis (8 credits total)

MA/MFA Option
Please refer to the School of Art+Design section of this catalog for specific academic requirements.

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