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The Art History BA Program: Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all art history undergraduate majors must complete 13 courses and an 8-credit senior project, as follows:

  1. ARH 1010/History of Art Survey I
  2. ARH 1020/History of Art Survey II
  3. Six specialized art history courses, which must include:
    • ARH 3880/Junior Seminar in Art History
    • One course in the history of art before 1800
  4. Two studio courses in the visual arts
  5. Three courses in related disciplines and/or a foreign language
  6. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
  7. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits
    Note: An art history course offered by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education may not be used to fulfill requirement 1, 2, or 3 above, but may be used as a general elective.

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