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Math Fluency and Foreign Language Placement Guidelines

Math Fluency
Certain courses require a prerequisite of math fluency, which may be fulfilled by any one of the following:

  1. passing the math fluency exam conducted at the college
  2. a passing grade in college-level precalculus and/or calculus
  3. an Advanced Placement score of 3 or higher on the AP Calculus exam

Students must fulfill this requirement before enrolling in any course with a math fluency prerequisite.

Please note:

  1. Math fluency should not be confused with the general education/core curriculum requirement of mathematics, which all students must fulfill.
  2. College algebra does not fulfill math fluency, whether or not it fulfills the general education math requirement at another SUNY campus.

Foreign Language Placement
All students are required to complete a foreign language placement exam before enrolling in any language course. Information about this exam is available at the Advising Center, www.purchase.edu/Departments/AdvisingCenter/languageplacementexam.aspx.

For updates during 2016–2018, please visit www.purchase.edu/departments/academicprograms/CoreCurriculum/MathFluency-ForeignLanguagePlacement.aspx.

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