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Course Descriptions

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

School of Film and Media Studies:

Undergraduate Courses:
Cinema Studies
Media, Society, and the Arts
New Media
Playwriting and Screenwriting

School of Humanities:

Undergraduate Courses:
Art History
College Writing and Expository Writing
Creative Writing
English as an Additional Language
Jewish Studies
Language and Culture
Language and Culture: Chinese
Language and Culture: French
Language and Culture: German
Language and Culture: Hausa
Language and Culture: Hebrew
Language and Culture: Italian
Language and Culture: Portuguese
Language and Culture: Spanish
Literature: 1000–2999
Literature: 3000–3999
Literature: 4000–4999

Graduate Courses:
Art History

School of Natural and Social Sciences:

Undergraduate Courses:
Environmental Studies
Mathematics/Computer Science
Political Science

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts:

Undergraduate Courses:
Gender Studies
Latin American Studies

Arts Open Access Courses:

Undergraduate Courses:
There are many undergraduate arts courses offered by the BFA and MusB programs that are open to students in other disciplines at Purchase College, in most cases without audition or permission of instructor. These vary from semester to semester and are known as Arts Open Access courses.

Conservatory of Dance: Arts Open Access courses
Conservatory of Music: Arts Open Access courses
Conservatory of Theatre Arts: Arts Open Access courses
School of Art+Design: Arts Open Access courses

Most courses offered by the BA programs in the School of the Arts—like those in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences—are open to students in other disciplines at Purchase College. These are offered under the regular course prefix for the discipline (e.g., AMG for arts management; THP for theatre and performance).

School of the Arts:

Undergraduate Courses:
Arts Management (AMG)

Conservatory of Dance:

Undergraduate Courses:
DPB 1000–4999
DPC 1000–4999
DPD 1000–4999
DPM 1000–4999

Graduate Courses:
DPC 5000–5999
DPD 5000–5999
DPG 5000–5999
DPM 5000–5999

Conservatory of Music:

Undergraduate Courses:
Performance, Ensemble
Music History, Theory, and Musicianship
Additional Studies

Graduate Courses:
Performance, Ensemble
Theory and Analysis, Performance Practice
Additional Studies

Conservatory of Theatre Arts:

Undergraduate Courses:
Theatre Design/Technology
Theatre and Performance

School of Art+Design:

Undergraduate Courses:
Foundation and General Visual Arts
Painting and Drawing

Graduate Courses:
Graduate (MFA) Courses

School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education

Undergraduate Courses:
Includes art history, history, general humanities, Jewish studies, journalism, language and culture, literature, philosophy, and writing
Natural Sciences
Includes biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, mathematics, general natural sciences, and psychology
Social Sciences
Includes anthropology; business; communications; gender studies; legal studies; political science; general social sciences; and sociology
Performing and Visual Arts
Includes arts management, film/media studies, film/video production, music, painting and drawing, photography, and sculpture

Undergraduate Core Curriculum

Freshman Seminar: BA/BS Programs (FRS 1030)
College Writing (WRI 1110)
Science in the Modern World (FRS 1200)

Physical Education

Physical Education

Advising Center, Career Development Center, and Student Affairs

Career Planning and Decision Making (IDI 1550)
Practicum in Peer Advising (IDI 3000)
Fundamentals of Leadership (IDI 3250)

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