The Theatre Design/Technology Program: Graduate Courses

Graduate course descriptions are available upon request from the Theatre Design/Technology Office,, (914) 251-6850, in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts.

TDT 5010 and 5020/Theatre Technology I*
TDT 5030 and 5040/Scene Design I*
TDT 5050 and 5060/Costume Design I*
TDT 5070 and 5080/Lighting Design I*
TDT 5081 and 5090/Costume Construction I*
TDT 5100/Properties Construction
TDT 5110 and 5120/Theatre Technology II*
TDT 5130 and 5140/Scene Design II*
TDT 5150 and 5160/Costume Design II*
TDT 5170 and 5180/Lighting Design II*

TDT 5210 and 5220/Theatre Technology III*
TDT 5230 and 5240/Scene Design III*
TDT 5245/Stage Carpentry
TDT 5250 and 5260/Costume Design III*
TDT 5270 and 5280/Lighting Design III*
TDT 5290/Advanced Graduate Production
TDT 5300 and 5310/Scene Painting I*
TDT 5400 and 5410/Production III*
TDT 5420 and 5430/Costume Construction II*
TDT 5440 and 5450/Stage Makeup*
TDT 5460 and 5470/Rendering*
TDT 5480/Introduction to Sound Design

TDT 5500 and 5510/Production IV*
TDT 5520/Vector Works
TDT 5540/Sources of Stage Design
TDT 5560 and 5570/Costume Construction III*
TDT 5590/Introduction to Stage Management
TDT 5600/Drafting
TDT 5640 and 5650/Graduate Seminar in Conceptualization for Designers*
TDT 5660/Production Management
TDT 5670 and 5680/Graduate Technology Seminar*
TDT 5690/Directing for Stage Managers

TDT 5705/Collaborative Process
TDT 5710/Backstage and Beyond
TDT 5720 and 5730/CAD for Theatre*
TDT 5740/3-D CAD for Theatre
TDT 5745/Seminar in Graphic Skills for the Theatre Artist
TDT 5770/Seminar in Production Design and Art Direction
TDT 5880/Portfolio

TAC 5100/Graduate Seminar in History of the Theatre

*Part One and Two (two-semester course)

Available Descriptions

Backstage and Beyond
TDT 5710
/ 3 credits / Fall
The study of professionals, shops, and organizations that have played an important role in realizing productions, events, and other live entertainment presentations. The histories of prominent individuals and companies are explored to help piece together an understanding of how the modern production process works. Assignments include research papers and presentations on individuals, organizations, and/or production shops. Offered as SOA 3750 for undergraduate students in other disciplines.

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