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The Bachelor of Music Program

Undergraduate majors in the Conservatory of Music lead to the Bachelor of Music (MusB) degree. For aspiring music professionals, four years at Purchase College offers something rare in the conservatory world: a true musical community where competition is balanced by a commitment to mentoring.

Undergraduate Majors

Classical Music:

Areas of concentration:
- Strings (includes harp)
- Piano
- Brass
- Percussion
- Woodwinds
- Classical Guitar
Performance: Voice and Opera Studies


Performance: Jazz Studies

Music and Technology:

Studio Composition
Studio Production

The undergraduate curriculum is similar throughout the four years for all majors: students take private-study lessons or master classes; ensemble; a series of courses in music theory, history, and musicianship; and courses specific to their major. All students present junior and senior recitals. Music from all eras and traditions is performed, and there are many opportunities to perform.

The collegewide core curriculum/general education program supports the conservatory curriculum and provides a broad education that enhances the musical education and better prepares students to function successfully as thoughtful, responsible, and contributing members of society.

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