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Arts Open Access:
Music Courses Open to Students in Other Disciplines

Many courses offered by the Conservatory of Music are open to students in other disciplines. These are noted as Arts Open Access in the myHeliotrope course search each semester. The following are examples of courses that have been offered under Arts Open Access.

Go to Undergraduate Music Courses: Composition for descriptions.

MCO 1130/Introduction to Studio Recording
MCO 3415/Melody Writing
MCO 3420/Lyric Writing

Performance, Ensemble
Go to Undergraduate Music Courses: Performance, Ensemble for descriptions.

MPE 1050/Jazz Ensemble: All Majors
MPE 1232/Hand Drumming Workshop
MPE 1245/Soul Voices Ensemble
MPE 1360/Klezmer Ensemble
MPE 1600/Purchase Latin Jazz Orchestra
MPE 1800/Purchase Symphonic Winds
MPE 2150/Jazz Drumming for Nonmajors
MPE 2160/Jazz Guitar for Nonmajors
MPE 2170/Jazz Piano for Nonmajors
MPE 4350/Private Study*
*Please refer to Private Lessons and Recitals, and contact the Conservatory of Music for further information.
Prerequisite for MPE 4350: Permission of the Conservatory of Music director

Music History, Theory, and Musicianship
Go to Undergraduate Music Courses: Music History, Theory, and Musicianship for descriptions.

MTH 1560/Introduction to World Music
MTH 2230/World Music and Jazz Traditions
MTH 2510/Survey of Music History I
MTH 2520/Survey of Music History II
MTH 3180/Electroacoustic Music I
MTH 3190/Electroacoustic Music II
MTH 3600/The Music of J.S. Bach
MTH 3620/The Music of Beethoven
MTH 4120/History of Recorded Music I: Blues to Bebop
MTH 4130/History of Recorded Music II: Bebop to Hip-Hop
MTH 4211/Opera History I
MTH 4212/Opera History II

Additional Studies
Go to Undergraduate Music Courses: Additional Studies for descriptions.

MUS 1060/Reflections of the World in Western Music, 1500–2000
MUS 1250/Chorus
MUS 1320/Songwriting I
MUS 1330/Songwriting II
MUS 2570/Introduction to Jazz
MUS 3060/Ritmica Method

For updates during 2016–2018, please visit www.purchase.edu/departments/AcademicPrograms/Arts/music/SOAcourses.aspx.

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