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Private Lessons and Recitals

Every music major’s program includes instrumental, vocal, or composition study. The curricula for students in the performance majors (instrumental, vocal, and jazz studies) also include solo and ensemble playing and/or singing. The goal is to produce a resourceful, imaginative musician who will feel at ease with many kinds of music. Care is taken to keep technical work and musical understanding closely related at each stage of development.

Private-study lessons or master classes are taken with a resident faculty member or with a visiting affiliate artist selected by agreement of the student, the teacher, and the dean. Guidance in the choice of teacher is available from the resident faculty, in particular the head of the student’s undergraduate major or graduate area of concentration. Each student must complete a course of lessons or master classes and receive an evaluation of satisfactory technical and musical progress from the private teacher each semester.

The Conservatory of Music offers 13 private-study lessons per semester to students in performance and composition. Studio composition and production students receive 13 master classes (small-group study) per semester. Private-study lessons or master classes may not exceed eight semesters for undergraduates and four semesters for graduate students. For students enrolled in other programs, undergraduate credit is available (at additional cost) in MPE 4350, with permission of the director of the Conservatory of Music.

Required Course Fee
There is a required course fee ($1,219.87 per semester) for these private-study lessons and master classes. Please note that this fee is subject to annual increases.

A packet containing recital policy and procedure is available from the Conservatory of Music. All recitals require authorization from the student’s private teacher, booking clearance, and approval of the director of the Conservatory of Music.

Undergraduate (3 credits)
MCO 4120/Studio Composition Master Class
MCO 4125/Studio Production Master Class
MPE 4010/Private Study: Flute
MPE 4020/Private Study: Oboe
MPE 4030/Private Study: Clarinet
MPE 4040/Private Study: Bassoon
MPE 4050/Private Study: Saxophone
MPE 4070/Private Study: Horn
MPE 4080/Private Study: Trumpet
MPE 4090/Private Study: Trombone
MPE 4100/Private Study: Tuba
MPE 4110/Private Study: Composition
MPE 4150/Private Study: Violin
MPE 4160/Private Study: Viola
MPE 4170/Private Study: Violoncello
MPE 4180/Private Study: Bass
MPE 4200/Private Study: Harp
MPE 4210/Private Study: Guitar
MPE 4220/Private Study: Percussion
MPE 4250/Private Study: Piano
MPE 4300/Private Study: Voice
MPE 4310/Private Study: Jazz Bass
MPE 4350/Private Study: For students in other disciplines
MPE 4400/Private Study: Conducting
MPE 4800/Private Study: Jazz Saxophone
MPE 4810/Private Study: Jazz Trumpet
MPE 4820/Private Study: Jazz Trombone
MPE 4830/Private Study: Jazz Guitar
MPE 4850/Private Study: Jazz Drums
MPE 4860/Private Study: Jazz Percussion
MPE 4870/Private Study: Jazz Piano
MPE 4880/Private Study: Jazz Voice

Graduate (3 credits)
MPE 5010/Private Study: Flute
MPE 5020/Private Study: Oboe
MPE 5030/Private Study: Clarinet
MPE 5040/Private Study: Bassoon
MPE 5070/Private Study: Horn
MPE 5080/Private Study: Trumpet
MPE 5090/Private Study: Trombone
MPE 5100/Private Study: Tuba
MPE 5110/Private Study: Composition
MPE 5150/Private Study: Violin
MPE 5160/Private Study: Viola
MPE 5170/Private Study: Violoncello
MPE 5180/Private Study: Bass
MPE 5190/Private Study: Harp
MPE 5210/Private Study: Guitar
MPE 5220/Private Study: Percussion
MPE 5300/Private Study: Voice
MPE 5310/Private Study: Jazz Bass
MPE 5330/Private Study: Saxophone
MPE 5370/Private Study: Piano
MPE 5400/Private Study: Conducting
MPE 5800/Private Study: Jazz Saxophone
MPE 5810/Private Study: Jazz Trumpet
MPE 5820/Private Study: Jazz Trombone
MPE 5830/Private Study: Jazz Guitar
MPE 5850/Private Study: Jazz Drums
MPE 5860/Private Study: Jazz Percussion
MPE 5870/Private Study: Jazz Piano
MPE 5880/Private Study: Jazz Voice

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