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Diploma and Certificate Programs

The post-master’s Artist Diploma and the postbaccalaureate Performers Certificate are programs reserved for accomplished students who are on the verge of major performance careers in solo, ensemble, or studio settings. The coursework is designed to prepare students for orchestral auditions, solo or chamber music competitions, and major recording projects.

Both programs include a strategically balanced offering of performance courses entailing private study, chamber music, large ensemble, and formal recital preparation. Each program culminates in digitally recorded public performance recitals, which are prepared and researched by the candidate under the careful guidance of his or her faculty mentor. The Performers Certificate and the Artist Diploma are available as one-year or two-year programs.

While the Performers Certificates are designed as postbaccalaureate programs, the earned credits could be applied to the conservatory’s Master of Music (MM) degree should the candidate so desire in the future. Once an MM is earned, a student may apply for the Artist Diploma program.

Areas of Study and Requirements

Classical Music:

Jazz: Jazz Studies

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