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Entrance Audition Requirements

Students are accepted in the Conservatory of Music by audition only, and a student’s application for admission must be submitted before beginning the audition process.

Prescreening Auditions
All programs require a prescreening audition recording, which applicants submit online at Slideroom (purchase.slideroom.com).

  • Undergraduate
    There is a $57 nonrefundable undergraduate audition fee, which is subject to annual increases approved by the State University of New York, plus a $5 Slideroom fee. Undergraduate applicants who wish to audition for more than one program in the Conservatory of Music must submit a separate prescreening audition recording and audition fee for each program.

  • Graduate
    Graduate students must submit both their application for admission and their audition portfolio online at Slideroom. There is a $142 nonrefundable fee, which consists of the audition fee ($57), graduate application fee ($75), and Slideroom fee ($10).

Live Auditions
If the prescreening audition is successful, the applicant will be selected for a live audition. Applicants selected for live auditions will be notified via email by the Conservatory of Music and will be assigned a live audition date at that time. All live auditions take place in the Music Building on campus.

Please visit www.purchase.edu/music or contact the conservatory, (914) 251-6700, music@purchase.edu, for:

  1. audition dates and deadlines
  2. updates during 2016–2018 on the nonrefundable fees
  3. specific audition requirements by major or area of study, including technical requirements for prescreening materials

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