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Arts Open Access:
Visual Arts Courses Open to Students in Other Disciplines

Many courses offered by the School of Art+Design are open to students in other disciplines. These are noted as Arts Open Access in the myHeliotrope course search each semester. The following are examples of courses that have been offered under Arts Open Access.

Go to Design Courses for description.

DES 4790/Artist/Writer Workshop

General Visual Arts
Go to the General (VIS) section for descriptions.

VIS 1020/Introduction to Visual Communication
VIS 1240/Special Topics in Visual Arts: India/Tibet
VIS 1710/Line/Space/Body: An Exploration of Antibes
VIS 2025/The Photographic Artist’s Book
VIS 2030/Theme and Variations
VIS 2050/Wordless Books: The Original Graphic Novel
VIS 2110/Color Seminar
VIS 2120/Crossover I
VIS 2130/Travels, Imaginary and Otherwise
VIS 2200/Collage
VIS 2450/Making Art on the French Riviera
VIS 3000/Art in the Age of Electronic Media
VIS 3120/Crossover II
VIS 3350/Art and Activism
VIS 3370/City as Studio as Seminar
VIS 3380/The Latent Image
VIS 3400/Contemporary Art Theory
VIS 3440/Contemporary Issues in Art
VIS 3470/Special Topic Colloquium
VIS 3500/The Arts for Social Change
VIS 3550/Making Community: Art and Urban Renewal

Painting and Drawing
Go to Painting and Drawing Courses for descriptions.

PAD 1050/Drawing Seminar IA
PAD 1060/Drawing Seminar IB
PAD 1114/Tibetan Thangka Painting
PAD 1210/Introduction to Drawing
PAD 1211/Introduction to Painting
PAD 2190/Telling Myths

Go to Photography Courses for descriptions.

PHO 1010/Photography I
PHO 1100/Introduction to Digital Photography
PHO 2030/Photography II
PHO 2100/Introduction to Color Photography
PHO 2320/Looking at Photographs
PHO 3355/Landscape Photography: Creating a Personal Vision*
*offered by the School of Film and Media Studies

Go to Printmaking Courses for descriptions.

PRT 1500/Introduction to Printmaking
PRT 2014/Tibetan Carving/Block Printing

Go to Sculpture Courses for descriptions.

SCP 2080/Direct Metal I
SCP 2120/Materials and Methods
SCP 2150/Introduction to Wood
SCP 2160/Collage/Assemblage
SCP 3006/Introduction to Video Art
SCP 3155/Performance Art
SCP 3190/Shelters and Structures
SCP 3350/Public Art: Making a Proposal
SCP 3430/Aural Electronics
SCP 3480/Multiples: Methods for Making
SCP 3530/Animation
SCP 3630/Sound/Interactive Media I
SCP 3640/Sound/Interactive Media II
SCP 3650/Immersive Sound Architectures

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