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BFA in Painting and Drawing: Academic Requirements

In addition to fulfilling general degree requirements, undergraduate students majoring in painting/drawing must complete the following requirements (85 credits):

Foundation Courses: 19 credits
VIS 1050/ComX: 1 credit
VIS 1060/Foundation Drawing: 3 credits
VIS 1070/Extended Media: 3 credits
VIS 1080/Visual Language: 3 credits
VIS 1250/2-D Processes: 3 credits
VIS 1260/3-D Processes: 3 credits
VIS 1270/4-D Processes: 3 credits

Art History Courses: 12 credits
ARH 1020/History of Art Survey II
ARH —/One course in the history of art before 1800 (lower-level)
ARH —/Art history elective (modern/contemporary)

Painting/Drawing Studio Courses: 27 credits
VPD 1000/Painting I: 3 credits
VPD 2000/Painting II: 3 credits
VPD 2011/Color or VIS 2110/Color Seminar: 3 credits
VPD 2050/Painting III: 3 credits
VPD 3000/Junior Studio I or VPD 3001/Junior Studio II: 3 credits
VPD 3500/Materials and Techniques: 3 credits
VPD 4470/Field Trips: 3 credits
VPD —/Drawing elective: 3 credits
VPD —/Painting or drawing elective: 3 credits

Studio Electives: 10 credits
V —/Visual arts studio electives: 10 credits

Synthesis Courses: 17 credits
VPD 2010/Sophomore Seminar: 3 credits
VPD 3010/Junior Seminar: 3 credits
VPD 4010/Senior Seminar and Critique: 3 credits
PAD 4990/Senior Project: 8 credits

Sophomore Review
Students who choose to major in painting/drawing are required to participate in a sophomore review, conducted during the spring semester. This allows students to be reviewed by full-time faculty and to present their work in a group critique format. Students should contact the board-of-study coordinator for specific information on the review process and timeline. Students who do not successfully pass sophomore-level coursework are encouraged to work with the School of Art+Design administration and faculty to find a path to successful study or another major that will better fit their educational goals.

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