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Graduate Visual Arts MFA Courses

Note: Graduate course offerings and their frequency are subject to change.

Proseminar: Method and Theory in Art History
ARH 5101
Refer to Art History Graduate Courses (School of Humanities) for description.

Visiting Artist Studio
VIS 5050
/ 3 credits / Special topic (offered irregularly)
Visiting artists focus on areas of interest to both the students and the artist. Activities may include studio work and critiques, field trips, and lectures. Through direct work with these artists, students become engaged with current trends in visual art. For information on the artist(s) and subjects covered, contact the School of Art+Design main office.

College Pedagogy
VIS 5150
/ 2 credits / Fall
Provides pedagogical methods for the graduate teaching assistantship experience. Students examine different approaches to the teaching of art through readings, discussions, and research. Topics and activities include syllabi formatting, common teaching problems, role-playing classroom situations, and course development.

Master’s Colloquium I and II
ARH 5325
and 5326 Refer to Art History Graduate Courses (School of Humanities) for description.

Graduate Studio Seminar I, II, III, IV
VIS 5585, 5595, 5605, 5615
/ 4 credits (per semester)
I, III: Fall; II, IV: Spring
All graduate students meet weekly as a group with the seminar leader. Major figures in the art world, including artists, curators, and gallerists, join the seminar throughout the semester and participate in individual and group critiques. General thematic concerns provide continuity in a given semester. Other activities include visits to museums, galleries, and artists’ studios in the New York City metropolitan area. Successful completion of each graduate studio seminar is a prerequisite for the following semester’s seminar.

Special Topics Seminar IA, IB, IIA, IIB
VIS 5700, 5705, 5710, 5715
/ 2–4 credits (per course)
Special topic (offered irregularly—IA and IIA: Fall; IB and IIB: Spring)
Focuses on the issues and practice of art making. Fall classes include studio visits with New York City artists. Spring classes include visits to museums and nonprofit spaces and visits with curators and writers. Students learn about the artistic practice of professional artists and are exposed to the inner workings of the New York City art world.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
VIS 5870
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Students assist faculty members with the delivery of an undergraduate studio course. Duties include grading, critiques, lecture/demonstrations, and other tasks assigned by the faculty sponsor. Graduate students interested in teaching must participate as a teaching assistant and take VIS 5150 at least once before being allowed to independently teach a course.
Prerequisite or corequisite: VIS 5150

Independent Graduate Studio
VIS 5900
/ 4 credits (per semester) / Every semester
Each MFA student meets regularly with a studio sponsor. All MFA students work independently in semiprivate studio spaces and have access to the majority of the school’s facilities. During the academic year, graduate students have 24-hour access to their studios. Successful completion of each graduate studio is a prerequisite for the following semester’s graduate studio.

MFA Graduate Project
VIS 5990
/ 8 credits / Every year
An intensive independent study undertaken with faculty sponsorship, in which students pursue a particular theme or topic as a culmination of their graduate experience. A written thesis and visual documentation of the project must be submitted to the Library before graduation.

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