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Academic Records: Overview

The Office of the Registrar maintains the official academic record of each student’s enrollment and accomplishment. Before a student graduates, the academic record includes the student’s transcripts from high school or other colleges. (As of September 1990, the Office of the Registrar does not maintain copies of narrative evaluations.) Students wishing to receive program clarification or to check on progress toward the degree are encouraged to see the registrar. The permanent academic record is normally available to the student for review. The record is considered confidential and is released to outside agencies only with the student’s written consent.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for implementing academic policies and procedures. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with these policies, which are published in the Purchase College Catalog.

The Office of the Registrar is also responsible for the preparation of course schedules and registration guidelines for matriculated students each semester. The registrar must also certify students for veteran’s benefits and loans. Because of close association with both students and faculty, the Office of the Registrar is an excellent source of information about the many academic aspects of the college.

Academic Transcripts
Permanent academic records are maintained by the Office of the Registrar for internal use only. Transcripts of these records are distributed externally only upon a student’s submission of a Transcript Request (available at, under “Forms”). A transcript contains the following information:

  1. All courses completed at Purchase College and the corresponding grades
  2. Transfer credit awarded
  3. Programs of study, majors, and degrees conferred

Information on obtaining academic transcripts is available on the Office of the Registrar’s site at

Financial Holds
If a student has outstanding debts to the college, a hold (“flag”) is placed on transcripts and diplomas until the account is cleared. A default on New York State or federal loans would also require a hold on a student’s academic records.

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Academic Records: Overview

Policies Governing Student Records (FERPA)

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