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Change of Grade

After an instructor has submitted a student’s grade to the Office of the Registrar, the grade may be changed only with the approval of the instructor and appropriate administrator: the associate dean in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the assistant dean in the School of the Arts, or the director of academic programs in the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education. However, the final evaluation is the prerogative of the instructor.

  1. If there has been a clerical error or if the student believes that the grade received is inaccurate, the student should discuss the grade with the instructor.
  2. After consulting with the instructor, if the student has further questions regarding the grade, the student should discuss them with the chair or director of the student’s school or conservatory. The chair or director may, if appropriate, arrange a discussion with the instructor. However, the final grade is the prerogative of the instructor.
  3. If a grade dispute involves an instructor who is no longer a member of the Purchase College faculty, the associate or assistant dean or the director of academic programs may adjudicate the matter.
  4. In exceptional cases, grades may be changed up to six months after the completion of a given semester. No grade changes are accepted after this date.

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