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Transfer Credit Policy: MA, MFA, and MM Programs

A maximum of 9 graduate-level credits may be accepted in transfer to an MA or MM program at Purchase College. Transfer credits are not accepted in the MFA programs.

All students in these programs, regardless of credits transferred, must satisfy all academic requirements (or their equivalencies). The college determines the number and type of transferable credits at the time of admission, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Quarter credits accepted in transfer are converted to semester credits. Unless otherwise specified, one quarter credit equals ⅔ of a semester credit; for example, 5 quarter credits equal 3⅓ semester credits.
  2. Grades of B or higher are accepted in transfer credit.
  3. Credits can be accepted only from accredited institutions. This includes accredited proprietary schools.
  4. Courses taught elsewhere for 3 credits, which are taught at Purchase for 4 credits, will transfer as 3 credits.

Any updates during 2016–2018 will be available at or the College Policies site (

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