Grievance Procedures

If the perpetrator is a student:

The Purchase College Community Standards of Conduct strictly prohibits sexual harassment/sexual assault.  The specific standards relating to sexual harassment/sexual assault are as follows:

C. 3a Threatens, harasses, or intimidates any person.
a.  Uses words which reasonably tend to incite an immediate, violent reaction   and are specifically directed toward another individual (See also the    College's Affirmative Action and Sexual Harassment policies). 
Minimum: Disciplinary Probation   Maximum: Expulsion

C.8  Engages or attempts to engage in unwanted sexual behavior toward any individual including but not limited to such sexually specific behaviors as touching, pinching, exposing oneself, and pressing up against.
Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion

C.9  Engages or attempts to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual behavior with any individual if such behavior is against the will or without the consent of that person.
Minimum: Suspension   Maximum: Expulsion

C.10  Engages or attempts to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual behavior with someone who is physically helpless (e.g. drunk and/or under the influence of a substance or substances rendering them helpless), unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated or unable to accurately communicate unwillingness or to give consent to an act.
Minimum: Suspension   Maximum: Expulsion


The Office of Student Affairs is designated to formally investigate student grievances, address inquiries and coordinate the College's compliance efforts regarding student complaints and grievances.  Notice of a formal complaint can be made in person or orally to an appropriate official, but the College strongly encourages submission of grievances in writing to the Title IX Coordinator. Upon receipt of a grievance, Student Affairs will open a formal case file and assign an investigator who will direct the investigation and confer with the Title IX Coordinator on interim action, accommodations for the alleged victim, or other necessary remedial short-term actions.

The investigator will then take the following steps:

* In coordination with the campus Title IX Coordinator, initiate any necessary remedial actions

*Determine the identity and contact information of the complainant (whether that be the initiator, alleged victim, or College representative)

*Indentify the correct policies allegedly violated

*Conduct an immediate initial investigation to determine if there is reasonable cause to charge the accused individual, and what policy violations should be alleged as part of the complainant.  Please note that if there is not reasonable cause, the grievance should be closed with no further action.

*Upon conclusion of the investigation, the investigator will report the findings to the Title IX Coordinator who will in turn, in coordination with the investigator, forward the grievance to be resolved through the Office of Community Standards. 

During the investigation, an attorney acting as a lawyer may not serve as the student's advocate or formally represent the student.  These procedures are entirely administrative in nature and are not considered legal proceedings.  No audio or video recording of any kind  is permitted, nor is formal legal representation allowed.  Each student has the right to one support person.  The support person is an individual who attends the investigation for the purpose of being supportive to the student and must be a member of the College community.  This person cannot be a family member or friend from home.  The support person does not interact with anyone other than the student they are supporting.  The investigator, at their own discretion, may remove anyone disrupting the investigation.  All these same opportunities and privileges extend to all parties to the complaint. 

Filing a Report with the Office of Community Standards

If you feel that you have been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, you may file a report with the Office of Community Standards. This means that the alleged perpetrator will be brought through the administrative discipline process.  If the accused student is found to be responsible for violationg any of the above charges, the outcome can range from disciplinary probation to expulsion from the College, depending upon the severity of the case.

No Contact Order

If you do not wish to file a report, you have the option of obtaining a No Contact Order through the Office of Community Standards.  This can be put into effect immediately if you need protection from another student.  This prohibits any contact with that person on campus; either directly or through a third party.  Violations of a No Contact Order should be reported immediately. Students reported to be in violation of a No Contact Order will be brought through the campus discipline process.  Please note that you do not need to file a report in order to request a No Contact Order.

More information regarding Community Standards and the Discipline Process can be found on the website.

Filing a Report with University Police

You can file a written report, with or without pressing criminal charges, with the University Police Department. If you choose not to press charges, it is crucial to inform the officer receiving the rerport at the time of the filing.  Make sure your request to not press charges is included in your written report.  University Police can assist you in pressing criminal charges through the Westchester County Court System.

Order of Protection

An order of protection is issued through the Westchester County Court System and protects the individual on and off of campus.

Additional information regarding pressing criminal charges and requesting an Order of Protection can be obtained by contacting University Police at 914-251-6911.

Other accomodations not listed above, such as class and campus living modofications, may be available to you.  Please contact the Title IX Coordinator for more information.


If the perpetrator is a staff or faculty member of Purchase College:

Filing a Complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault are considered a form of sex discrimiation and are therefore means to file a Discrimination Complaint through the Affirmative Action Office.   Information on the Non Discrimination Policy and the Discrimination Complaint Procedure can be found on the website. 

Filing a Report with University Police or Requestion an Order of Protection

See information above.


If the perpetrator is not a member of the Purchase College Community (staff member, student, etc), a Persona Non Grata (PNG) Status can be issued through University Police.  A PNG status prohibits the individual from coming onto campus.  A violation of this order can result in a criminal trespassing arrest.