This slide show is a comprehensive look at our campus facilities. Our progressively designed campus continues to develop through our new construction efforts. Take a look at our past, present and future improvements.

Of course, the best way to get to know the Purchase College community is to come and see for yourself. Schedule a visit to campus here.

Use the left and right arrow buttons or the circular buttons below to advance or reverse the slide show. Enjoy the show!

An Aerobics Studio in the Gym

One of the Racquetball Courts

One of the tennis courts

Our Mascot, the Purchase Panther

Stationary Exercise Machines

The Basketball Court

The Climbing Wall

The Pilates Room

The Waiting Area at the Wellness Center

Art Supplies at the Bookstore

The Bookstore Merchandise

The Lounge at the Bookstore

A Play Loft in the Children's Center

The Children's Center

The Playground at the Children's Center

Audience Seating in the Dance Theatre

Dance Studio 1

Dance Studio 2

Lounge in the Dance Building

Physical Therapy Room

The Dance Theatre

A Lighting Control Board

Fabric in the Costume Shop

The Costume Shop

The Lighting Lab

The Prop Shop

The Scene Shop

A Film Editing Station

A Film Screening Room

Film Alumni Posters

Film Equipment

The Film Office

The Film Soundstage

Humanities Theatre

Humanities Theatre

A Balcony in the Library

A View of the Library 1

A View of the Library 2

A View of the Library 3

Circulation Desk

Classroom in the Digital Media Zone

Lounge in the Library

Picnic Tables on the Mall

The Lobby of the Digital Media Zone

The Periodicals Section

The Stacks

The Upstairs Stacks

A Monitor and Mixing Area

Audience Seating in the Choral Hall

Audience Seating in the Recital Hall

Music Office, Instrument Collection

Music Office, Reception

Practice Room

Recording Studio

The Choral Hall

The Control Room of a Recording Studio

The Recital Hall

A Lounge in the Natural Science Building

The Natural Science Building

The Natural Science Lecture Hall

A Bathroom in Fort Awesome

A Bathroom in the Outback

A Kitchen Area in the Outback

A Room in Fort Awesome

A Room in the Outback



Fort Awesome

Freshman Residence Hall Room Crossroads

Freshman Residence Hall Room

The Olde Apartments

The Outback

A Seminar Classroom

Social Sciences Classroom

Social Sciences Computer Lab

Social Sciences, CTS Lounge

A Pool Table at the Student Center (STOOD)

Mural 1 Outside the Student Union (STOOD)

Mural 2 Outside the Student Center (STOOD)

Practice and Recording Room at the Student Center (STOOD)

Video Games at the Student Center (STOOD)

A Lobby in the Student Services Building

A View of the Student Services Building

The Registrar's Office

The Student Services Building from the Great Lawn

The Student Services Building

Seating at Terra Ve

The Drink Station at Terra Ve

The Kitchen at Terra Ve

A Large Format Printer

The Martin Table Saw

VA Darkroom

VA Design Lab

VA Etching Studio

VA Lathes for Wood Turning

VA Lithography Studio

VA Metalworking Equipment

VA Offset Printing Area

VA Painting Studio

VA Photo Washing Area

VA Printmaking Studio

VA Typography Shop

VA Wood Shop

Welding Equipment