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Academic Policies Update:
Grading System Update: SP, UP, and NP

The following is an update to an academic policy in the 2013–15 Purchase College Catalog:

Update, effective Fall 2014:

SP (Satisfactory Progress), UP (Unsatisfactory Progress), and NP (No Progress)

Reserved for grading of Senior Project I. SP is assigned for satisfactory progress. UP, or unsatisfactory progress, is assigned to indicate that work is underway but is not meeting expectations. NP, or no progress, is assigned to indicate that little to no work has been completed and the student must retake Senior Project I.

Note: The following is included in the Senior Project update, effective Fall 2014:
A grade of A+ through F is given for Senior Project II. In the event a grade of F is received, Senior Project II must be retaken.

Text in the catalog:

SP (Satisfactory Progress) and UP (Unsatisfactory Progress)
Reserved for grading of senior projects.

Note: Acceptable grades for senior projects are SP (satisfactory progress), UP (unsatisfactory progress), or a passing grade of A through D. Grades of F are only acceptable in cases of plagiarism.

Posted Jan. 17, 2014

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