Emergency Evacuation Address

In an effort to update the Purchase College Emergency Response Plan, all residential students need to provide an emergency evacuation residence to which they can relocate in the event that the emergency response plan is enacted.  This residence will need to be within 600 miles of the campus, a location that can be reached by ground transportation.  In the event of a pandemic flu or other emergency, it may not be feasible to travel by air.

Students can input and update their Emergency Evacuation Address by clicking on "View Your Student Information" under Records and Course Registration at http://studentservices.purchase.edu/

We also encourage students to provide their cell phone number (on that same screen) for use by the College's NY-Alert Emergency Notiication System in the event of an emergency on campus.

Parents, please assist us by encouraging your student to complete the information requested.

NY-Alert Emergency Notification System

The NY-Alert Emergency Notification System sends emergency notification messages by voice, text, and by email.

The NY-Alert Emergency Notification System is loaded with all cell phone numbers provided by students, faculty and staff; with the desktop telephones for all faculty and staff; and with the email addresses for all students, faculty and staff.

We encourage all members of the campus community to provide their cell number for use with the NY-Alert Emergency Notification system.

To update your emergency contact information:


On the Portal page look for the link near the top - View your Student Info - and Emergency Notification Messages;


Faculty and Staff:

On the Faculty/Staff portal page, look for the link at the top:

Sign up for Emergency Notification Messages:  Your emergency Contact Info - Provide your cell phone and emergency contact information.