The College’s Strategic Plan implicitly states that we “support student learning and success by strengthening the connections between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs in order to provide high impact learning activities, a culture of wellness, and innovative initiatives inside the classroom and beyond.


An orientation seminar.jpgThe civic, ethical, personal and physical well-being of our students represents the measurable elements that reflect student success. By providing engagement opportunities inside and outside the classroom, our students will expose themselves to diversity-rich learning experiences that challenge their socializations, inspire flexibility and growth, and guide their transition into global citizens.



CDCCareerWeek 020.jpgAcademic Support
The Advising Center, the Learning Center and the Career Development Center are committed to the intellectual growth of our students, from academic skills to professional training.

Cohort Affinity
The College is committed to the timely graduation of its students. The 8-semester plans coincide with various programs and services that support civic, ethical, personal and physical growth over the course of a student’s four years here.

Student Learning Outcomes
Essential to our mission, “SLO’s” provide the end result of our students’ participation in various programs, notably in the areas of identity in perspective, emotional literacy, civic engagement and social justice.




Civic Skills & Engagement
The College seeks to broaden the learning locus of our students from the campus to the world. A primary vehicle for this is civic engagement. Check out this link to learn about the College’s varied and multidimensional approach to its promotion here!

Success breeds recognition- and rightfully so! The College holds annual events to celebrate the achievements and successes of our students- from convocation to the student awards ceremony to commencement.

Parent Relations
The College recognizes the critical role of family and the parent in a student’s educational process. Beginning with Open Houses, continuing to Orientation and including Family Day, Purchase loves parent involvement.