Diversity at Purchase

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Diversity Defined

The Diversity Initiatives Committee recognizes the following definition, drafted by the Equity Initiatives Committee- a subcommittee to the Strategic Planning Committee- in 2003.

Diversity at Purchase College is actively creating, developing, and nurturing a community symbolized by equal access and respect for all individuals regardless of cultural similarities and differences. Students, faculty, staff, and guests, through the collection of characteristics, concepts, and values that they possess, will be able to communicate, interact, and learn in an inclusive environment that prepares its students to be positive contributors to an increasingly global society.



The Power of SUNY

The SUNY Strategic Plan used as a foundation of its initiatives a commitment to its core values, two of which coincide and inspire ours here at Purchase College as it pertains to diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity makes us stronger and smarter. We respect, encourage, and promote all aspects of human difference- whether in terms of background, interests, age, race or stage of life. Diversity enriches our lives and the educational experience: it invigorates conversations, awakens curiosity, and widens perspectives.

Collaboration makes our expertise more powerful. Partnerships and alliances, both within and outside the SUNY system, have a multiplier effect. When our campuses join forces with each other and with organizations outside of SUNY, we amplify our expertise, resources, and geographic reach in new and often unexpected ways. When we acknowledge common goals and approach problems in a spirit of reciprocity and flexibility, we achieve more than when we labor alone.

Embedded within the Plan are Six Big Ideas, all of which outline why “diversity counts” and how it plays a significant role in each of the initiatives.

To learn more about the SUNY core values, please visit the SUNY website at: http://www.suny.edu/powerofsuny/



Purchase College Strategic Plan

With SUNY providing inspiration via its Strategic Plan, Purchase College drafted its current version during in the 2009-2010 academic year. 

Beginning with the Preamble, where we state, “we strengthen our commitment to being a learning-centered institution through innovation, inclusion, and internationalization. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages creativity, diversity, individuality, and collegiality”, the theme of diversity and inclusivity was evident as a primary focus of the document.

Furthermore, in its four directions listed, the idea of diversity and inclusivity is possible and promoted.

• In “Direction 1: Toward the Learning-Centered Institution: Engagement, Connections, and Student Success”, collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs are discussed in the areas of high impact learning activities and faculty are encouraged to pursue professional and scholarly development in hopes of enhancing student engagement and success and improving four-year graduation rates.
• In “Direction 2: Toward Institutional Effectiveness: Focusing on Practices, Processes and Governance”, creating an environment of civility and collegiate decision making built on a culture of communication implies a recognition of the varied identities that comprise our community and the desire to have every voice contribute.
• In “Direction 3: Toward a Sustainable Community: Fiscal, Academic and Environmental Sustainability”, the layered commitment to consistency of maintenance demonstrates a respect for future generations and immediate preservation techniques.
• In "Direction 4: Toward the Greater Purchase: Connections from the Local to the Global”, connecting the region’s cultural and intellectual life through service-learning opportunities are discussed to fulfill the mission of educating creative and responsible students.

To access the full text of the Purchase College Strategic Plan, please click on the following link: /AboutPurchase/President/StrategicPlan/