In the College’s Strategic Plan, we implicitly state, “we reaffirm our commitment to educating the whole student, to the critical importance of curricular depth and breadth, and to our students’ timely graduation.”


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Academic excellence is the core of our learning initiatives. Through innovation, inclusion and internationalization, our core reflects the creativity, diversity, and individuality that promote learning at its richest angles. The result is a globally aware graduate committed to a broad knowledge base encompassing different ideas, perspectives, and values.



SV Face side image.jpgAcademic Core Curriculum Requirements
This link connects you to the new undergraduate core curriculum requirements, which feature various diversity-themed courses.

Student Learning Outcomes
Essential to our mission, “SLO’s” provide the end result of our students’ participation in various programs. Look for yours!

Academic Programs
This link connects you to the varied major and minor programs available here. Purchase College strives to be on the forefront when it comes to highlighting backgrounds and identities, as reflected in such programs as Gender Studies and Latin American Studies.

Study Abroad
Experiential learning takes on a whole, new meaning when you are immersed in the culture you are studying! Follow this link to learn about the multitude of programs available to Purchase students.