Academic Programs

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Minor in Asian Studies

The minor in Asian studies provides students with a general introduction to the history and culture of Asian countries through a combination of courses in Asian history, philosophy, art history, politics, economics, and literature.

Minor in Lesbian and Gay Studies

The minor in lesbian and gay studies offers courses across the liberal arts disciplines that address lesbian, gay, and bisexual concerns. The program is designed to allow students to focus on issues like theories of sexual orientation, the history of the gay movement, AIDS, queer theory, and the lesbian/gay artist and writer.

Minor in Latin American Studies

The minor in Latin American studies is designed to provide students with a basic interdisciplinary grounding in the culture, history, and politics of Latin America.

The Women's Studies Program

The Women’s Studies Program, which offers a major leading to the B.A. degree as well as a minor, examines women’s lives and issues using an interdisciplinary approach. Consisting of a variety of courses drawn principally from the liberal arts, the program offers students the opportunity to study women’s struggles, achievements, and contributions in past and present societies, across cultures, and from a feminist perspective. 

The Language and Culture B.A. Program

The Language and Culture Program offers students the opportunity to acquire fluency in at least one language and to gain familiarity with the society (or societies) in which that language is used. Keeping in step with the increasingly complex interactions among countries, the program also allows students to explore a diversity of cultures through the wide choice of courses that fulfill requirements for the major.