ResNet Wireless Router Support Policy

ResNet Wireless Router Support Policy

With the exception of Fort Awesome and Outback, Purchase College does not provide wireless network access in any of the residential areas.  CTS and the College are currently working to address this issue.

In residential buildings personally owned wireless routers and access points are permitted as long as they do not interfere with campus network operations and adhere to the policies listed further down on this page.

Please be aware that if you live in Outback, Fort Awesome, the Commons Apartments, or the Olde Apartments, your residence complex already has Wi-Fi access points and a router will not be needed.

Please be aware that CTS allows such WiFi devices to be connected to the network ONLY in a dorm room or apartment.

We will do our best to help clients. We cannot guarantee that any router will work correctly on our network. Nor can we guarantee speeds over wireless due to the number of variables.  We do guarantee connectivity/bandwidth at the wall.

•The device must be configured so as not to interfere with the network equipment of the college and/or other users.
•The network connection of any device(s) found to be causing interference may be terminated without prior warning.

•DHCP is Required for Routers used at Purchase College . By default, most consumer wireless routers act as a DHCP or BootP server assigning IP addresses to connected devices.

•The SSID of the device must be changed from the default.
•The SSID must contain the first letter of your building name followed by your room number.  (e.g.: if in Farside room 0312A, use F0312A)
•The SSID must NOT be “airnet”, “airnetsecure”, any other SSID currently used by Purchase College, or any other SSID that would cause someone to believe the wireless network is being operated by the college.
•The SSID must not contain obscenities or inappropriate language.
•If supported by your wireless device, SSID broadcast must be disabled.

Administrator username and password
•The username and password used to configure the device must be changed from the defaults.
•The username and password must be different from your Purchase College username and password.
•The password used should meet or exceed the password complexity requirements of your Purchase College e-mail account.

•Encryption must be enabled.
•Use the strongest level of encryption supported by your device.
•Encryption types in order of preference:

1.     WPA2

2.     WPA

3.     WEP
•The key or passphrase used should be randomly generated.
•The key or passphrase should be the maximum length supported by your wireless device.

MAC Address
•The MAC address of your device must not be changed from its default.

•The operator of a wireless device is responsible for any network activity originating from the device and connected devices.
•Violations of the Computer Ethics and Usage policy or of the Purchase College Community Standards of Conduct will be referred to the Office of Community Standards for possible sanctions.
•Violations of local, state, or federal laws may lead to civil and/or legal penalties in addition to college sanctions.
•Failure to properly secure wireless devices thereby enabling unauthorized access does not mitigate culpability for violations of the aforementioned policies.
•Ignorance of these policies is neither defense nor mitigation of violations.​