Connect through ResNet

Connecting to ResNet...

ResNet is your connection to the Purchase College network and the Internet. All residential rooms have fast Ethernet ports for high-speed Internet access.  Wireless access is widely available in many academic and administrative buildings across the campus. Wireless Access is currently available in Fort Awesome, Outback, the Commons, and the Olde.  CTS and the College are currently working on providing wireless for all student residences.

Please be aware that if you live in Outback, Fort Awesome, the Commons Apartments, or the Olde Apartments, your residence complex already has Wi-Fi access points and a router will not be needed.

Please be aware that CTS allows such WiFi devices to be connected to the network ONLY in a dorm room or apartment.

Step 1. Your computer must have a working Ethernet network port to access ResNet services and connect to the Internet.  All of the College's residential rooms have two wired Ethernet ports.  You will also need a patch cable to connect your computer to the Ethernet port in your room.  Network cards and patch cables are available at the College Bookstore.

Step 2. Setup the network connection on your computer and plug in your computer into the Ethernet port in your room using a patch cable.  

Step 3. Open a Web browser and begin the Purchase Network Registration process. This registration process ensures that all ResNet computers are properly registered to users on our network. For more information, see the Purchase Network Registration page.

In order to complete the Purchase Network Registration process you will need an activated Purchase College e-mail account.  If you have not already activated your e-mail account please do so now by visiting the Portal Page and clicking on the Account Activation link under the Quick Links heading.

Wired Dorms

All of the College's residential rooms have wired fast Ethernet ports.  Wireless access is currently not available in all dorms. The exceptions are Fort Awesome, Outback, the Commons, and the Olde. See the CTS Knowledge Base for more detailed information.

Wireless Academic Buildings

Wireless networks can be intermittent or unstable, and the bandwidth is limited.  The good news is that you can use either wired or wireless in many locations throughout the campus.  Most laptops sold today have both wired and wireless ports, and inexpensive wireless adapters are available for desktop computers.  Please see the Wireless Router Support Policy page for information regarding using a wireless router from a dormitory or the Wireless page for connecting to the campus Wi-Fi network.

There are many wireless access points located in academic buildings throughout the campus.  Wireless (802.11b/g) hot spots are available:

Throughout the Social Sciences Building
Throughout the Humanities Building
Butler Building Student Center
Throughout the Art+Design Building
Throughout the Music building
Throughout the Natural Sciences building
Fort Awesome Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms in various buildings
Throughout the Student Services Building
The Library
Campus Center North
Campus Center South
Dining Hall
Performing Arts Center (PAC)
Butler Building (Student Center)
Administration Building

CTS continues to work to expand wireless Ethernet coverage throughout the campus.  Please see the Wireless page for the latest updates.

To use the ResNet network, you must register your computer through the Purchase Network Registration system.

Further information about wireless access can be found at: Wireless page or the CTS Knowledge Base.

If you need help with setting up your computer for ResNet please call the CTS Helpdesk at (914) 251-6465.  You may come to the CTS office which is located in the basement of the Social Sciences building, room 0025.